This year, I took on a new role as the ​Lipo-Flavonoid​ ​Chief Audiologist​, helping to raise awareness around tinnitus and helpful treatment options. According to the ​American Tinnitus Association​, 50 million Americans (nearly 15% of the general population) suffer some sort of tinnitus.​ As many of you are well aware, this condition can be difficult to define to others.

To help define the condition and depict the struggles and experiences of those who live with it, I participated in a special project by Lipo-Flavonoid to shine a rare spotlight on the plight of tinnitus sufferers. In the video embedded below (​#SoundsOfTinnitus)​, some of my patients share their story on their experience with tinnitus, along with how it impacts their daily lives. They each come from different backgrounds, and they all face tinnitus in their own unique ways.



Furthermore, to help viewers truly empathize with their struggle, Lipo-Flavonoid paired my patients with an Emmy award-winning foley artist (someone who produces sound effects for television and movies) to ​recreate the sound of tinnitus​ that they experience internally. The #SoundsOfTinnitus vary differently among all sufferers — while some may hear a faint ringing, others may hear a loud whooshing or chirping instead. The diverse range of sounds is evident in this video.

I am so proud of my patients who bravely participated in this project. ​I urge you to watch it.​ If you live with tinnitus, feel free to share the video on social media (using the hashtag #SoundsOfTinnitus), as well as with your family and close friends for them to get an idea of what you go through/what you hear internally. Similarly, if you have family members or close friends who you know live with tinnitus, share this video with them and let them know that they are not alone. The more that people are aware of this condition, the higher the likelihood that they seek professional help.

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Hi! Welcome to my page…. Here I will post some updates about audiology, anything to do with ears! and anything I LOVE.


I own NYC Hearing Associates, PLLC along with co founders Dr. Jessica Frankel & Kristina Bassingthwaighte.  We took a vision and created a reality and we continue to work on our patient centered practice every day of our lives.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!  I have to try not to bring up ears or hearing in every conversation– I mean we have ears right?  We all can relate to that at least? What we do with our ears is our own decision and I respect that.. I specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing loss and its symptoms.  I specialize in custom fittings for all products.  I don’t stop talking about hearing because there are so many messages to share , to advocate for.

I am a Hearing Advocate/ a Hearing Ambassador–a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy / a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. (dictionary.com)

Why?  Yes, I love making a difference.  I take pride in my work.  I meet so many people “patients” that I genuinely care about their happiness and success.  I don’t always want to share how much I love my cofounders, coworkers, patients, and family who support what I believe in, because that is a form of bragging….   not my style.  I do realize that if I share some of these experiences, stories, visions then it might help someone who didn’t realize they could be helped.   That if I shared a piece of information to someone it could impact his/her life and therefore positively impact others.  Some times I won’t be able to help the person in need, but I can help support his or her family or educate his/ her employer or educate an employer to incorporate certain Life Changing policies.

Get Ready!  These days fly by, living in NY & working in NYC is fast paced.  I’m also a mom of 3 daughters, 2 dogs, & 2 bunnies and I adore hanging with my husband Steve.  So when I’m at the office my day is dedicated to my patients & when I am home, I am a dedicated mom & wife and at times I turn the screen time off so please bare with my response time to emails.  I prioritize urgent patient care & my family.

So here I will share my stories as well as stories of others with permission.

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